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lara-close-upAbout Lara

Awakening to your truth is the greatest journey, the ultimate adventure.  As a child, my favorite movies were all about adventures and journeys- the Indiana Jones series, The Wizard of Oz, Goonies.  As an adult, I’ve chased adventure and excitement over six continents.  And nothing has been as exciting, scary, liberating, or rewarding as the journey inward.

I feel confident to walk with you on your journey to truth because I have done it myself.  I continue to do it every day.  There are always new challenges and new insights that bring me deeper into myself, my connection to the Great Spirit, and my connection to others.  Breaking down my illusions, my ego, and surrendering my will to allow the truth and the flow of the Universe to guide me has taken great work.

Like most people, I have been resistant and insistent that my will is the way to go.  Also like most people, this has caused me a tremendous amount of pain and suffering.  With the help of amazing teachers, I have learned (and continue to learn) how to get out of my own way.  It is an extremely humbling experience to see where I have not been true to myself and to realize that there is something greater at work in my life than my own mind can imagine for me.  From that humility, I have learned true compassion.  That compassion is what allows me to be of service to you.  As the word means in Latin, with suffering, I am able to be with you, walk with you, on this path out of suffering and into a life of love and truth.

With love and acceptance,


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