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Work with Lara

Work With Lara

Your emotional and physical body often know the truth before your head ever does.  We all have instincts- gut feelings- which guide us every day.  Many of us also have physical or psychological manifestations (anxiety, stomach issues, obsessive thinking, etc.) that act as barometers in an effort to show us blockages.

The reality is that most of us are not listening to those inner guides. Sometimes it is our heads, or our egos, that are running the show.  Sometimes, it is past traumas, shame, or fears that are subconsciously holding us down or in repetitive negative patterns.  It hurts and drains us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when we continuously allow unsettled core issues within ourselves to control us and shut down that inner guidance.

We might be a good match if you…

  • Are ready to attract the life  you truly desire and would like someone to help you break through your barriers and limitations
  • Are ready to experience your relationship with yourself or someone else more deeply and intimately
  • Are ready to see how being sensitive is your greatest asset
  • Are ready to experience growth, clarity, and expansion
  • Desire constructive feedback from a compassionate and objective mentor to hold you accountable for your role in your own life and your relationships
  • Are ready to learn better ways of communicating in your relationships
  • Are ready to use your relationship as a tool for self-awareness and growth
  • Realize it’s time to remember that you are your own best teacher
  •  Have realized that whatever it is you’re doing isn’t working and you are ready for what does


If any of the above resonates with you, we might be a great match for a therapy or coaching session.

Ultimately, it is my goal to share with you how to live your life from a place of trusting your self and the Divine flow of energy that guides all of us.  I teach this process for you to realize your potential, your capability for true independence from any limitations.  The process moves as fast as you able to move and the rewards of stepping into your truth are instantaneous.  It is my honor and my service to share in this journey with you.

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