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Are you ready to experience calm and happiness on a daily basis?

Are you ready to clear out blockages and stop feeling stuck or powerless?

Are you ready to experience your relationship with yourself or someone else more intimately?

Are you ready to become your own best teacher?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for a soul cleanse. Clear out what is no longer serving you, mend what has potential, and keep what still feels good!  Join us for a workshop where women come together to share in the process of returning back to our best selves.

Benefits of our workshops are:

  • increased confidence to take the next steps in your life
  • healthier relationships and communication
  • deeper intimacy and connection in your relationships
  • more focused alignment of your values, beliefs, and behaviors
  • lasting calm and centeredness
  • emotional and energetic shifts that leave you feeling open, motivated, and empowered
  • deeper understanding and knowledge of yourself

Next Workshop:

Friday, October 20 (7-10pm)

Saturday, October 21 (9-5pm)

To register, please email

Cost: $225 (both days)


Our workshops are a mixture of traditional psychotherapy, non-physical energy healing, and group work. The workshops are interactive and experiential. As the weekend unfolds, so too do the threads that unite us- we all have wounds we want to heal and we all have the right to live free of any kind of suffering. Discover your capacity for intimacy, connection, and passion in all areas of  your life.  Learn to listen to your gut, clear out blockages, and use your relationships to access the best version of yourself.

Workshops are co-facilitated with Marina Maurino, MA.  Marina is a holistic therapist who works with individuals and couples in her Paramus office.

Contact Lara for further details or to reserve your space.


Here’s what people are saying about our workshops…

Thank you, to you and Marina. I got a sense of peace and felt centered and I am grateful for that.  These workshops help me to get to a higher place of self-awareness and motivate me to want to be the best version of myself.  Thank you for your beautiful work. –I.Z.

I just want to thank you and Lara for the workshop that you provided for us all.  It’s wonderful to have a safe place to go and work through
our heartaches and troubles together as a group of caring, loving women!  You both give us an opportunity to do important work and you help us to move forward in our lives and to learn how to heal.  I so much appreciate being with you both this weekend!
Thank you both so much!! -D.A.

I am so grateful for the experience this weekend. I am somewhere different than I was before the workshop. I am so happy and so grateful for every emotion I’m feeling. I can’t express how incredibly grateful I am for everything that you have done to help me, help myself and I am beyond excited to keep going.  Please pass my gratitude on to Marina as well. You are both incredible people and I feel so fortunate to have you met you. These words are really not doing justice to the magnitude of my feelings but it’s the best I can do. –A.B.

The workshops you and Marina put together are amazing and so powerful and wonderful.  I learn so much and the impact and riches of learning lasts for a very long time.  That’s something I would want you and Marina to know as feedback- so many times I think back to the workshop as a tool for healing, growing, and problem solving.  Sometimes, simply to remind myself that I am a unique and beautiful person and I’m also not alone.   I feel like there is no way you leave without being changed in some way. –M.K.

 I am so happy that I was moved so much to speak my own truth by the women there and felt a deeper personal connection and movement than I have ever felt.  I always feel incredibly lucky to have found you and work so closely with you.  Combining that with being introduced to Marina and her style is very inspiring and has been the impetus for great change and choices in my life. What is provided is priceless and ongoing.  –C.J.

I wanted to thank you again for your care! I did it! I did what I had to do in my life. It feels so good and it’s a new phase of honoring myself and letting go. Also I’m seeing the world differently, I’m not feeling as conditioned by my past anymore. I’m more receptive and open to people and I’m seeing that the world is not what I thought it to be- it’s better and more joyful and loving, and not all people are here to hurt me. It’s amazing to experience this transformation as I go. I can only imagine what’s possible and how I want it and I have so much desire to be in it, in the light not the dark, to really let go of all that’s not serving my heart and spirit anymore. You guys are one rockstar family! Thank u! –M.M.

 I’ve been seeing Lara for the past couple months, she has helped me so much. I went to her for one thing and found out so much more about myself. I went to one of Lara and Marina’s workshops last month and it truly opened my eyes to so many things. Everyone there formed this bond over the 2 days of the workshop I didn’t even believe was possible in such a short amount of time. Every single person there I can relate to and empathized for. The workshop helped me in so many ways, I am so happy I went! If anyone is thinking whether or not to attend a workshop, do it! I kept an open mind, and just thought what have I got to lose, this is only going to help me. I gained so much from it! I now look at life very differently and I am so grateful for my journey with Lara. –K.H.

I’ve been attending Marina’s and Lara’s workshops for a few years and each time I attend I am inspired by them and the other women in the workshop.  Marina and Lara provide such safe and loving space that it’s hard to not open up and connect with those around you.  It’s a no pressure environment so you can talk if you want to or just sit, listen, and take it all in.  Each time I attend I get so much out of it even when I’m just listening to the other women share their stories because on some level, we can all relate.  I leave the workshop feeling centered, filled with love, and connected to myself and to those around me. –J.K.